Installing our Sensors – WDCOCC Occupancy Sensor

Installing our Sensors – WDCOCC Occupancy Sensor

As a leading worldwide supplier of occupancy sensors we receive enquiries from all over the world and the most common enquiries we receive are “How do I install my sensors” and “what is the best way to install my sensors”.

Our family of sensors are shipped to our clients all boxed up and ready to go, complete with software to gather and analyse information. In this series of blogs we will look at how to install some of our products and how you can best utilise the sensor ranges to gain the information you require.

First up is our Workplace Utilization Occupancy Sensor (WDCOCC).

This occupancy sensor measures thermal changes in the air and movement to gather data about how a space is used. They can be placed at any location which is occupied by a person – usually this will be a work bench, table or a desk.


There are a couple of ways to place your sensor but remember not all work surfaces or desks are the same. The important thing to remember is that the sensor has a measurement distance of up to 800mm at a 60 degree angle. This is the range at which the sensor will most accurate.

Ideally, to get the best, most accurate results from your sensor it should be placed on the under surface of the desk approximately 400mm from the edge of the desk with no obstructions in front of it (see fig.1).

Of course not all desks/work surfaces are created equal and some are designed with metal support bars running along the centre of their underside. Make sure that the sensor is placed in front of this bar so it has direct access to the area which will be occupied (see fig.2).


Installing our Occupancy Sensor couldn’t be more simple. Once you have established where the sensors are to be placed you will need 3x AAA Alkaline Batteries, we recommend Industrial by Duracell. If you would like more information on the best batteries to use for our sensors you can read our blog on the subject.

You will also need to fix your sensor to the underside of the work surface, for this we recommend Velcro Industrial strength self-adhesive tape – this will keep your sensor in place but you will also be able to remove and replace batteries with minimal fuss, although the batteries should last around 3 years.

If you are still having difficulty installing your sensors or have a specific question regarding your set up please feel free to email us. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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