Environmental Sensor


Workplace data Collector CO2 provides CO2 levels, temperature and Humidity within an office environment to enable a correlation between occupancy and air quality within the workplace

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The environment sensor provides noise, temperature, lux, humidity and CO2 measurements. It provides an overall view, essentially a “microclimate perspective” of your facility and supports greater understanding of the immediate surroundings to provide additional insight into possible issues with productivity with your workforce.

Critical environments can be monitored to help maintain a balanced environmental control feeding information to existing BMS systems.


Easy to implement and set up
High level of accuracy
Battery powered
Low maintenance
Sensor condition monitored centrally
Part of the family of products using the same data transfer technology
Used in the monitoring of critical environments such as labs, technology rooms, catering, retail and laundry areas
Provides additional information to the existing BMS to support greater control and management of assets

Technical Data

The core of our innovative technology, provides a low power network (iLan) via batteries, using radio frequency (RF) short-range wireless communication, low power microprocessor unit, providing 315, 433, 868 or 915 MHz communications, 868 MHz being the frequency most utilised for European and Middle East communications and 915 MHz for the USA.