Occupancy Sensor


Wireless Data Collector Occupancy sensor utilising patented technology to measure movement and body temperature to confirm a workplace position is occupied or unoccupied within real-time.



The occupancy sensor identifies the utilisation of a workplace position through movement and thermal measurement. In an office environment this sensor would be placed under the desk, at a team table, reception desk etc. Any location occupied by a person.

It is the combined measurement of all these positions that provide valuable insights into how your space is used. Because the sensor is continually monitoring the occupation the data provides fact-based proof of occupancy over long periods of time supporting changes within the workplace by identifying those occupants with high levels of mobility.


  • Easy to implement and set up
  • Continuous measurement 24 hours a day 365 days a year
  • High level of accuracy
  • Battery powered min 3 years
  • Low maintenance
  • Internal sensor diagnostics monitored centrally
  • Family of products using the same data transfer technology
  • Monitors the profile usage of the specific workspace
  • Foundation data for supporting change

Technical Data

The core of our innovative technology, provides a low power network (iLan) via batteries, using radio frequency (RF) short-range wireless communication, low power microprocessor unit, providing 315, 433, 868 or 922 MHz communications, 868 MHz being the frequency most utilised for European and Middle East communications and 922 MHz for the USA.