PIR Room Sensor


Wireless Data Collector Room Detector sensor installed within meeting rooms to confirm occupied or unoccupied within real-time



The PIR room detection sensor works on its own or in conjunction with the people counter. It senses the movement of a person within a space and transmits a time stamp of the event from when it first sensed the movement and when it stops sensing movement.

This provides very accurate information of when a space is in use and not in use. The same sensor can measure Lux levels of the space and provide a data feed to existing BMS systems to support control switching for equipment within meeting rooms.


  • Easy to implement and set up
  • High level of accuracy
  • Battery powered
  • Low maintenance
  • Sensor condition monitored centrally
  • Part of the family of products using the same data transfer technology
  • Combined together can monitor exact times for the utilisation of a space
  • Can also be used in lifts to identify occupancy of lift in the event of lift failure

Technical Data

The core of our innovative technology, provides a low power network (iLan) via batteries, using radio frequency (RF) short-range wireless communication, low power microprocessor unit, providing 315, 433, 868 or 922 MHz communications, 868 MHz being the frequency most utilised for European and Middle East communications and 922 MHz for the USA.