Starting your first office job

Starting your first office job

Starting a new role in an office is always daunting, whether you are changing roles/companies or industries entirely. If you have never worked in an office environment before becoming accustomed to some of the behavioural nuances can take some time.

As the leading supplier of work place sensors we are more than familiar with how people move and use their office space but what does it actually mean to get an office job and come in for your nine to five every day? We’ve got some tips which will help you to learn the ropes and settle in to your new office environment.

Before you start

You’ve been through the interview phase, you wowed them with your knowledge and they’ve offered you the job; gleefully you accepted and are now looking forward to starting. But what time are you expected in the office? What do you wear? Where do you park? Make sure before you start you give your new employer a call and get answers to these questions. Details like this are often missed in interview stage and can be taken for granted – if you need to know, just ask – no one will judge you.

Buddy up

You will be nervous, it’s natural. The best way to ease your nerves is to break the ice with a colleague. Start building relationships immediately and learn from people who are established to help you get up to speed. Things like office politics and the power hierarchy within the business are important to know. If you are unsure about who to link up with, ask your new boss for advice on who would be able to help you.


Once you’re in, it’s important to know what is expected of you from a business point of you but also from your manager’s perspective. After all, if you are not meeting your manager’s expectations you won’t be able to progress. Make sure you sit with them early on in your employment and clarify what is expected of you in order to succeed and deliver on objectives.


This is a bit of a grey area. Office etiquette differs hugely between companies and industries. Take the time to figure out what is acceptable and what to avoid – observe how people take their lunch breaks and how they use their workspace and make a judgement based on established members behaviours.

Make yourself at home

Making your work space feel more like yours will help you to feel more relaxed and focus your mind on the task at hand. Feeling ‘Temporary’ can be unsettling so make your work space as comfortable and inspiring as possible. Some businesses will have criteria on what is allowed and what is not so make sure you check that before attempting to customise your space too much.

First Impressions

Often described as the most important impression, your first impression should be a good one. Do your best to live up to your manager’s and the company’s expectations and treat your colleagues and the business function with the respect it deserves. Make sure you recognise the existing office culture and find your place within it, be patient with your progress and concentrate on getting started in your new role.

We deal with hundreds of offices and know that each one is different with their own identity and culture. That’s why our products focus on the quantitative side of office traffic and can help your business better utilise it’s workspace.

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Photo credit: By Ersler Dmitry

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